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Group Rating 2 Hour Safety Requirement

Group Rating 2 Hour Safety Requirement

If an employer participating in a group rating plan has a claim in the green period from 7-1-15 to 9-30-16, the employer must attend two hours of annual safety training OR complete BWC's online  Accident Analysis Class and Accident Analysis Form.  Please use the form below to document your training or completion of the Accident Analysis Form.  Remember ANY 2 hours of safety training can be utilized to document this training.  

To view full version of BWC's FY-CY18 Guidelines for Group-Rating Training, please click here

Policy Number
Company Name
Date Completed
Description of Training
Person Completing the Training

Before submitting this form, please click on the link below to move the contents of box "A" into box "B" leaving the first box empty.

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Please keep a copy of your training certificate on file in case the BWC requires further documentation.