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MCO Enrollment

The purpose of managed care is to reduce employers cost of providing health benefits while improving the quality of care for the employee. Managed care organizations (MCOs) accomplish this through Workers' compensation case management, reducing workplace injuries, identifying fraudulent claims and other methods.

Two Hour Safety Training Documentation

 If an employer participating in group-rating or a groupretrospective-rating plan has a claim within the green year period(Claim in 2015 for the July 2015 Rating Year), the employer must attend two hours of annual safety training or complete BWC’s online accident analysis form and associated accident analysis course as stated in Ohio Administrative Code 4123-17-68.

Ohio Unemployment

Unemployment claims can significantly increase the amount of your tax rate.  State regulations are complex and oftentimes confusing making it difficult for employers to manage their unemployment programs alone. If you are unsure if your unemployment cost control program is addressing all the components of claim, benefit, and tax management, please contact ProComp Risk Advisors and we will provide your company with a free program review.

$15K Medical Only Program Enrollment

A program allowing an employer to pay up to the first $15,000 in medical expenses for employees who suffer work-related injuries that cause less than eight calendar days of missed work, decreasing paperwork and expediting bill payment. The $15K Program works best for an employer’s low-cost, minor injuries. Although employers do not receive a direct workers’ compensation premium discount for participating, any payments made directly to medical providers are excluded from an employer’s experience. Costs not included in the experience have no impact on the employer’s workers’ compensation premium rates.

Group Rating Discounts through Grow Ohio

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