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Safety/Loss Control

A growing demand exists in the work place for professional safety services at a competitive cost. ProComp's safety consulting team will fill that demand. With extensive experience in the workplace, we offer a unique perspective to help you solve your compliance needs, whether they are Workers' Compensation related, OSHA Requirements, or alternative rating programs such as Drug Free Workplace and Premium Discount Programs. Our staff can customize a program to reduce accident frequency and severity, lower claims costs and return injured workers to the job with innovative return to work programs.

ProComp's Safety Professionals specialize in providing customized safety management in order to meet a company's needs. We can provide sample programs to meet your needs:

  • Company Safety Policy
  • OSHA Recordkeeping
  • Facility Safety Inspection Forms
  • Accident Investigation
  • Premium Discount Program
  • Drug Free Work Place

Forms and Sample Programs:

Division of Safety & Hygiene Services

The most valuable asset your organization has is its employees.   By improving safety and preventing incidents, you can protect your work force while reducing your workers' compensation costs.

If you are an employer participating in Ohio's exclusive workers' compensation system, BWC's Division of Safety & Hygiene (DSH) can meet all your needs and at no direct cost to you.

Ohio Group Rating

Group rating allows Ohio employers of similar industry groups to pool together and achieve discounts off their workers' compensation premiums.