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Self-insurance is a privilege the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation (BWC) grants to employers that successfully meet certain criteria and properly complete the application process.  Once approved, Self-Insured (SI) employers directly pay their claims, assume all liability and administer their own workers’ compensation programs rather than pay premiums into the Ohio State Fund.  ProComp has an experienced staff that understands the Self-Insurance process.  In addition to administering existing SI programs, we can also help determine the financial feasibility of implementing an SI program and then develop a strategy to achieve BWC approval and provide future administration.

Qualifying for self-insurance

To qualify for self-insurance, an employer must meet the following requirements.
  • Have a minimum of 500 employees within Ohio
  • Authorization from the Ohio Secretary of State to do business in this state
  • Two years experience with the Ohio State Insurance Fund
  • Demonstrate strong financial stability
  • Possess the ability to administer a self-insured program
  • Maintain an account with a financial institution in Ohio, or draw compensation checks from the same account as the payroll checks
  • Have a BWC-certified Qualified Health Plan (QHP) or medical-management plan

Applying for self-insurance

To apply for self-insurance in Ohio, please give us a call at 866-302-2667


Medicare Compliance

Compliance with Medicare’s Section 111 reporting has added a new dimension to claims processing and reporting for employers. At ProComp we take this compliance seriously. We will work closely with your staff to ensure that your claims include the complete level of detail necessary to maintain compliance with the latest regulatory requirements. ProComp has the technical capabilities to meet the EDI requirements so that we can report your eligible claims to Medicare. Our goal is to prevent your company from incurring any of the serious fines and penalties for non-compliance with Section 111.

Ohio Group Rating

Group rating allows Ohio employers of similar industry groups to pool together and achieve discounts off their workers' compensation premiums.