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Group rating allows Ohio employers of similar industry groups to pool together and achieve discounts off their workers' compensation premiums.  Once the group plans are filed, the Ohio BWC adjusts the rates for each group participant for a one year period.  All group plans begin July 1st for private employers and January 1st for public employers.  Currently the maximum allowed discount is -53%.

To be eligible for participation in a group rating plan, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Must not be more than 45 days past due on any balance greater than $200 due to BWC by the group-rating application deadline. The only exceptions are when a policy is placed into an appealed status or a BWC-approved payment plan is in place.
  • Be current on the payment schedule for any scheduled part-pay agreement you've entered into to pay premiums or assessments otherwise due BWC as of the application deadline;
  • For public employer taxing district groups and private employer groups, employers cannot have cumulative lapses in workers’ compensation of 40 days in the past 12 months preceding the application deadline.
  • Not be a member of more than one group. If you apply for more than one group on a valid group-experience-rating application, BWC will reject you for all groups.

ProComp offers a wide range of group plans, tiered to meet most every employers' rating history. Ohio group discounts change every year, so please take the time request a quote from ProComp. We will research your claims and premium information to determine your eligibility. Once we have analyzed your information, our group rating department will provide your company with a detailed estimate of the savings that could be realized through one of our group plans.

When you join one of our group rating plans, not only will you significantly reduce your workers' compensation premiums, but in addition, you will also have access to our professional staff to assist in all your workers' compensation issues.

Remember, you must enroll annually. Each group plan is unique and discounts vary, so compare rates and benefits. We are confident that you will be pleased with our fast and professional service. For further information please feel free to contact our group rating department at (866) 302-2667.  

Ohio Group Rating AC-3 Form

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