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Workers' Compensation

State Fund

Ohio operates a monopolistic workers' compensation system. Established in 1912, the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation (BWC) has helped employers and employees deal with workplace injuries by providing medical and compensation benefits for work-related injuries, diseases and deaths. With more than $22 billion in assets, BWC is the largest exclusive state-fund workers' compensation system in the United States and the second largest underwriter of workers' compensation insurance in the country.

BWC is headquartered in Columbus and has 16 additional customer service offices located throughout the state. BWC provides insurance to about two-thirds of Ohio 's work force. The remaining workers receive coverage directly through their employers. These companies are part of a self-insurance program for large and financially stable employers who meet strict qualifications set by BWC.

Ohio's workers' compensation system is made up of two parts: BWC, which is the administrative and insurance arm of the system, and the Industrial Commission of Ohio (IC) which is the claims adjudicative arm. The IC hears and decides contested workers' compensation claims and issues. The governor appoints the three-member Industrial Commission and the Ohio Senate confirms those appointments. One member represents labor, one represents employers and one represents the public.

Private Employer Coverage Process

Employers may obtain Workers' Compensation coverage by submitting a completed BWC form, Application for Ohio Workers' Compensation Coverage (U-3), along with a minimum deposit check for the $10.00 for their initial premium security deposit. Once the application is processed the employers will receive a Certificate of Coverage from the effective date of coverage through the end of the billing period. The semi-annual payroll report and premium are due at that time. Payroll reports with an end date of 12/31 are due the last day of February of the following year and payroll reports with an end date of 6/30 are due the last day of August. An invoice noting the difference between the initial $10.00 deposit and the additional deposit owed will be sent at a later date.

Employers will be sent a BWC Certificate of Coverage reflecting a temporary period of coverage beginning with the effective date. Certificates will be extended upon receipt of premium security deposit balance.

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